The need to seek assistance or orientation in a psychological consultation may arise at any stage of life and for various reasons. The following information will help you to decide if you would like to work with one of us.

We have been working as a group practice in shared consulting rooms since 1984. From the start, we have seen our different backgrounds and ranges of experience as a good vantage point for a continuous intensive exchange on theoretical, clinical and professional issues.
As clinical psychologists with academic backgrounds and degrees as well as extensive psychoanalytical training and experience, we have opted for staying independent instead of seeking employment with medical doctors within the Swiss system of financed psychotherapeutic care („delegierte Psychotherapie“), which is largely imbursed by the health insurance companies. Therefore we do not work as „delegated psychotherapists“ in a medical consultation, The major insurance companies will, however, reimburse at least part of our treatment fees within the range of their supplementary insurance schemes (Kosten/ Krankenkassenliste).
As we have all had extensive postgraduate professional training in England, we are quite fluent in English and prepared to work with English speakers in their native language.

The best thing to do if you would like to get in touch with us, is to phone one of our individual numbers. We will then make an appointment for a first assessment of your complaints or your concern in a preliminary interview. In this way we can best assist you in finding out if our approach is appropriate for your situation, and, if so, whether counselling for a general orientation in a difficult life situation or crisis is what you need, or whether a psychoanalytical psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or a couple or family therapy should be considered.

You can find some more detailed information on our way of working and our individual ranges of work under our names and Angebot. Under the keywords marked in the last paragraph, you will also find some introductory remarks that you may find helpful for a first orientation regarding our approach. Unfortunately, for the moment, those are only accessible in German. If this should be difficult for you, there are some links in English that might be helpful to find more information and get an idea of what you can expect.